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Face to Face with Success


What success looks like in general.

     Success looks different to us all depending on our goals and achievements. Each member has their own interpretation as to what success looks like and what should be done to achieve it. The goals of the team aren't necessarily opposed of by a majority of its members. Until it starts to appear more involved or costly to them personally than they feal the goal of the team is worth to them. This is completely expected and understandable. So, this article will go into some details on the goals of the team as the owners vision it. 

Overall vision.

     With each team comes a different owner, different members, different techniques, different methodology, and visioning success is also different. The owners and Admins of this team have visions as well. These visions are tiered. Tier 1 is the vision of delivering excellence to the public. Tier 2 is the vision of developing family values among our team. tier 3 is the vision of growth for the team.

     In tier one, we drive to learn all we can as we are always learning in the field and evolving in our methodology and techniques making them stronger so to deliver better results for the public. Using every resource available, we focus on every way we can to benefit the public in providing as many free services as possible. We also investigate seeking truth and reality so we can inform the public with as much accuracy as possible. 

     Our own members in the team are what tier two is all about. Developing beneficial programs, putting a demand of our core values (RICH) on each member is how we deliver strong relations among our members. The acronym "RICH" is what we use. It stands for Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Honor. Through these attributes, all things mesh together well. Training is another way we strengthen our members. We don't always hold events, or have cases where clients ask for help. Instead, we will sometime converge onto cemeteries, or public areas to hold practice investigations. These practice exercises are used to develop member familiarization, equipment operations, and investigative techniques and methods.

     Tier three is the emphasis on team growth. We have restructured our on boarding processes so that we can be considerably more selective than we had previously. Growing our members is essential, however, they must be of quality members. Developing team cells in multiple areas will allow us to reach as many clients as possible. So as for clients and partners, our growth is most certainly essential.

What is success for McInville Paranormal?

     Combining all of the three-tiered areas of our visions and achieving those goals are the start of our success. Additionally, The team owner which is also the CEO of a company in the film, broadcast and TV industry. Currently this company has no obligations in the way of financial responsibilities for the team. However, once the team is licensed under that company's umbrella, this will change bringing with it unlimited opportunities for the team to flourish. And trust it when it's said, you'll certainly want to be around for that for sure.

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