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     McInville Paranormal is known also formerly as Global United Paranormal Foundation (GUPF), and formerly as Arizona Paranormal Research & Investigations (AzPRI).
     McInville Paranormal investigates locations, places and occurrences that are claimed to have paranormal activity. We investigate by using both old school conventional equipment as well as more modern state of the art equipment.
     McInville Paranormal is interested in helping the public and getting to the truths of activities that the public may be experiencing, We don't give entertainment to building a cache of evidence to throw out on social media for fame and glory. If you are experiencing activity and need assistance, reach out to us. Our services and investigations are FREE.


     We are driving at serving our communities across the state of Arizona. We are here for the public, our fellow investigators and teams within the paranormal community.
     We are working hard to educate the public and fellow investigators in proper ethics and behaviors when on investigations, treatment towards clients and the public, and respect for our historical locations. 
     Our historical buildings and locations across our beautiful state are in serious dangers of decay and dilapidation. We are very happy to help these locations any way we can with their preservation efforts and maintaining their upkeep. We want these locations to remain for many generations to come so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy them and their splendor.

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