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What is going on with the public events?


Where have the public events gone?

     Public events for our team have been placed on a hold. A lot is being considered and we are assessing all dynamics with holding public events. As it stands, at minimum, we are taking a break at least until later in the year from hosting events. There is much that the team needs to do in the form of investigating and building a comfort zone before continuing holding events.

     Things being considered is things such as why are we holding public events? Is it that we are wanting to educate the public about paranormal investigating? If so, are those investigators that are part of hosting such events seasoned enough in investigating and the paranormal to answer detailed questions with in-depth information? Are we holding events to make some revenue for the team? If so, we will need to get a lot better at marketing the events so we can pack a full house of "Paying" guests? Then we have the moral dilemma of our belief in not charging the public because the information we provide should be free to the public.

     While we have many questions and aspects of why we may want to hold events in the first place, we have a few challenges with holding events that need to be considered once we get past the initial questions. First challenge is that as we hold a public event, we don't necessarily get much opportunity to hold a proper and legit investigation. Reason being is that at public events, there are usually way to many people in the location and evidence and data is badly tainted. So even though we are demonstrating to the public techniques in the investigation process, we truly aren't capable of legitimately investigating.

     There are some ideas that the owners, admins and managers are kicking around. Some known ideas are possibly holding one event quarterly rather than attempting a monthly event. Perhaps having an annual large event at a more well-known location such as perhaps Yuma Territorial prison, or maybe Phelps Dodge Hospital in Ajo AZ. The team welcomes ideas from its members via the suggestion box located on the member portal here on the site.

     Not knowing yet what will become of the public events for the team, one thing is known for sure. The team will do all it can and the best it can do within their means to serve the public, community and their clients with as much consideration of the team itself as possible. We look forward to the final layouts coming up for the team either way.

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