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New Team Probationary Membership Launches


What is the Probationary Membership?


     The new "Probationary Membership" is a limited membership for a period of time offered to qualifying people wishing to join our team. A probationary member is not considered given the same benefits as full members, nor are they privy to everything within our team. Simply put, they are in a trial period to see if they are a fit for our team or not, and if our team is a fit for the probationary member.

Why adopt such a level of Membership?

     Our full members joined our team with some securities in mind. One of which is the comfort of knowing they can trust the people they work with on our team free of drama and or problems. Vibe is also very important within our team. We all need to be in sync with each other and know that we are safe and secure around each other. 

     As opposed to our previous process of the team lead, team manager or team owner conducting an interview and making a decision within 30 minutes of bringing someone on board, we now give time to take place before offering someone we just met a place among our team for a number of reasons. First, we are allowing the probationary member time to develop into their comfort zone so that we can get a very good idea of their true colors of character. This is something that we are unable to guarantee to assess within a 30-minute interview. This is especially true for those with plenty practice in putting up fronts, or as it's put, putting on a show.

     We have found that although we have made some very good choices in many members we've had on our team and still have, some we have been fooled by. Knowing there is no real full proof way of preventing this from occurring at all, we are making the on boarding process, the Probationary Membership so that we make every attempt to weed out possible issues before they become issues.

     This process doesn't just benefit our team. It also benefits the new member. Just as it gives us time to make assertions about the new member, they also may assess us during this time. 

     It's strongly agreed upon that this style of on boarding is favorable to all other systems we've had prior. Ultimately, we realize there are good people out there, our team is full of very good people. But we also realize that a large number of people come in the form of a chameleon and some more cleaver than others. We want to be absolutely sure that who we bring into our team, will not just benefit our team during functions, but that will represent us in the most loyal and positive manner respectably possible. 

Are the Probationary Members given the same treatment as the full members?

     Treatment in terms of respect, dignity, and compassion, yes. However, there are many aspects of our team that they are not privy to.  In a nutshell, the probationary member is given all respects without certain team privileges. To list a few;

  • Probationary Members may not attend team meetings. Strategies, plans, and other sensitive information is usually discussed during these meetings.

  • Probationary Members aren't allowed to attend investigations where the client has called us for help.

  • Additionally, they cannot wear our official team gear until becoming full members.

  • Last but certainly not least, they have no decision making or voting privileges. 


How does a Probationary Member achieve Full Member status with the team?

     Once a Probationary Member has been with us long enough to allow familiarization between them and the Full Members of the team, a team meeting will take place without the presence of the Probationary Member and a decision will be made as to whether the team will offer full membership, dismiss them completely, or extend their probationary membership period. For an applicant, it takes full team approval to grant Probationary Membership. For a Probationary Member, it takes full team approval to grant Full Membership to the team. However, if just one single full member opposes to a grant to either probationary or full memberships, applicant, or probationary member is not granted to proceed in the process and is dismissed all together.


What all should we expect to achieve by developing such a rigorous on boarding process?

     In current times, we have become a society of convenience and speed. Everything must be done now and in a hurry. We see this happening every day. We leave work, hit the drive-thru on our way home, get online, order our products needed, and have them conveniently delivered. There is no exception to the way people think when it comes to things like joining organizations. Fill out a form, meet the initial qualifications and viola, they're in.

     The new Probationary Membership is designed so that it will filter out a number of undesirables without ever filling out a single form. The shear extenuation of the process is enough to deter anyone who isn't serious about the field from even trying. For those people, it's too much to fill out a few forms and act right for the right reasons. 

    There are those individuals that will put on an act to gain what they want. For whatever their reasons, and they vary, this is sadly true in abundance. We hope that with this new process, this will allow some time to pass to allow true colors to shine through and can filter those individuals out before ever releasing sensitive information to them, allowing their votes to determine the team's direction, or spreading damage throughout the team.

     What we have found to be vitally important is that our team members take part in deciding who they will be working with and who they won't. Their say in this aspect of the team is extremely detrimental to the team's integrity among the members. It gives them a say in one of the teams most important fundamentals, team growth. 

     We believe that if a person succeeds the process of on boarding, with the trials and tribulations they will undergo, they will be the right person for our team. We know this because no one who is not loyal and dedicated to this team will most likely not make it all the way through.

In Closing

     Ultimately, we are driving at ensuring stability, security, safety, and comfortability among our members. Academic attributes are not required to join our team, but, Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Honesty is required. And we are sure that our process will help deflect problems before they become problems.


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