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How can we help?


     Using state of the art equipment, conventional techniques and standard methods of the field, we conduct assessments, investigations and evaluations of locations which are claimed to be haunted.

     Those who are afflicted and tormented by activity that is unexplained, those who have business which is faltering due to strange activity or those who just want confirmation on what they feel may be going on, we can help. 



     What can be done prior to calling any paranormal investigative organization is, you can place about an audio recorder and just let it run and record, same with video cameras if you can. You can take photos in succession of 3s for a possibility of capturing activity. Write down a journal. Keep a record of everything you experience. Times, dates, and locations. This will help establish a pattern.

Who are we?


     McInville Paranormal is an organization that researches, investigates, mentors and teaches activity related to spiritual activity not explained by conventional scientific means. We use technical and conventional means in reaching the truth, which ever that means, either scientific or paranormal causes.

     We are based out of Phoenix AZ and we travel statewide to reach our clients. 

Need Immediate Help?

We are available by phone

8am - 7pm

7 Days a Week / All year round

Text Anytime 24 hrs



On this day in AZ History



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The Arizona Historical Society and the Arizona Memory Project

Events & Announcements
Public Investigations, FREE. Tickets will be limited, and first come first serve.


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