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What are the costs and guarantees:


     The cost of all investigations conducted by McInville Paranormal $-FREE-$. At no time will we ever ask a client for payment of an investigation. If the client wishes to make a donation to our team, this is always appreciated, but we will never ask a client for any payment form.


     What we guarantee the client is a professional and thorough investigation in attempts to resolve any paranormal issues they may have. However, we DO NOT guarantee to expel any spirit or "ghost". We cannot guarantee relief in activity. We can only guarantee a full and complete investigation into any and all claims made in attempts to reach facts into what may be occurring. 

Hours of Service

By Phone

8am - 7pm / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year

By Text


What goes into an investigation:



      We meet with our client, interview them and are informed on what may be going on. During this time, we will get a feel for the location and determine initially all possibilities. We will offer the client some options and based on those options, we will proceed according to the clients wishes.



     We research the location and property to gain any knowledge of its past. In knowing its past, we can determine if there may be any reason a spirit or spirits may be hanging around.


     Using state of the art equipment used widely among the paranormal community, we investigate the claims to determine their sources. We use audio recorders, video recorders, digital camera and atmospheric measurement tools to make these findings and to document them.


     Once an investigation is over, we collect all data gathered during the research and investigation and review for anything possibly captured.


     After we have reviewed all the data from the investigation and research, we will make an overall determination on what may be going on and develop some plans for the client. At this time we will meet with the client, present any and all evidence captured and discuss their options.​

What we offer:


     McInville Paranormal offers a range of different types of services. The following outlines the types we offer.

  • Private Investigations:

    • These investigations are closed to the public and the client or their property is not disclosed to the public.​

  • Public Investigations:

    • These investigations are open to the public upon invitation by our organization. They may be disclosed and evidence can be shared.​

  • Cleansings:

    • Although we cannot guarantee ridding your location of what may be there, we do offer cleansings of the location at the request of the client only. We never take it upon ourselves to cleanse unless we are requested to.​

  • Summoning of outside sources:

    • In rare cases, we may summons a medium, clergy, or demonologist to assist in your circumstances if it becomes necessary.​

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