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     We would like to extend a huge thank you to Kenny at Kush'n Productions for his contribution to our team. Not only is he a dedicated team member, but he's also a supporter from our commerce community.

     Contact Kenny and he will hook you up in all sorts of personalized merchandise. Use promo code "ParaUnity" for 15% off of your order...

Casey Moore's Oyster House

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     We would like to express our greatest appreciation to David and his crew at Casey Moore's Oyster House for allowing us to investigate this magnificent location. We look forward to returning and gathering more evidence for his establishment.

     Casey Moore's Oyster House is located in Old Town Tempe at the crossroads of 9th and Ash. Known as the most famous of Irish Pubs in and around Arizona. Casey’s is known as a mecca for the eclectic crowd that lives, studies, teaches and works in Tempe. In addition to the finest beef selections, the freshest oysters and seafood, Casey Moore’s offers a huge selection of draught beers, bottled beer, whiskeys and spirits. An exceptional value, we know you’ll find dining at Casey’s a memorable, incomparable experience.

Ratcheting Mobile Auto Repair LLC

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     We would like to extend a huge thank you to Steve at Ratcheting Mobile Auto Repair LLC for his contribution to our team. 

     "One Cal Does It All" folks at Ratcheting Mobile. They will tend to your automotive needs from oil changes all the way through suspension, and transmission problems and all the way up to engine repairs or replacements if necessary".

BleedingViolin Studios

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     A huge thank you to the team at BleedingViolin Studios for all their hard work and continued friendly relations with Global United Paranormal Foundation. 

     "For all your film production needs, contact BleedingViolin Studios". They are a trusted brand at Global United and we recommend them to anyone.

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