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     We at McInville Paranormal are proud to have taken on the ownership of the Paranormal Family Channel. We are further honored to be able to offer other teams in the field abroad, the opportunity to broadcast their investigations and showcase their teams and favorite locations to investigate. This includes Haunts, UFO's, Aliens, Bigfoot, Cryptids, and Mysticism.

     It is our pleasure to offer the most lax and favorable contract in the business. Guaranteed, no one, and we mean no one at all can beat our contracts. In reality, it sums to a permission form giving us authorization to broadcast you and your team or organization. There are no bounds to us or restrictions that tie you and PFC together. What this means is that you own your show, content, name, team or anything else associated with your organization, we do not. This further means that you can leave anytime you wish for any reason. 

     The benefits to broadcasting with us are;

  • No producers, directors, or filming crews telling you how, and what to film.

  • Show your team raw, exactly how you always investigate with no pressure.

  • Amateur content is encouraged so no headaches on editing content to match TV standards.

  • No complex pressurized lengthily contracts.

  • Submit your content at your pace.

  • And much more


Bearded Paranormal shares their investigations exclusively on the PFC on Roku


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