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Kenny Garcia takes hold of merch

     Let us introduce Kenny Garcia AKA "K-Dogg". Kenny Garcia is a full investigative member

of our team and has been for few years now. On investigations, he brings the team enjoyment,

 and laughter with his high charismatic personality. K-Dogg has an aura about him that seems

to emanate from him leaving one in mesmerized and just simply wanting to be around him.

     Kenny has been a loyal member of our team from the time it was AzPRI. Seeing it

through the GUPF days and now into the conception of McInville Paranormal. Besides his

loyal membership to our team, he has his own print shop company specializing in printed

T-shirts and other merchandise like cups, key chains, and many other odds and ends. He

stays pretty busy business wise, which makes his involvement and membership with our

team just that much more special. 

     In his spare time, he like to wind down and conduct karaoke as he has been learning

the ins and the outs of that business and intends to be running his own karaoke as early

as the beginning of 2024. Wow, he has his hands in a lot of adventures. 
     He is doing all he can to maintain his prices for our merch to the team as low as possible,

without jeopardizing his own pocket naturally. We could not ask for a better person looking after

us for all our merch needs. If there are items we need that Kenny doesn't offer through his company

KUSH'N PRODUCTIONS, he will investigate where to get it and at the best prices.

     So it would not be no surprise giving his warm, giving and helping nature that he has accepted to take hold and very careful care of all of our team's merch. We appreciate Kenny very much and would love to express our deepest appreciation for him.

     When you see Kenny, shake his hand, and please express your appreciation for him, We all should be so lucky to have such an awesome personality about our selves as he. We all gain to learn from him and take some mentorship. 

~ Eldon McInville Sr




Laser Engraved

  • Keychains

  • Signs

  • Bracelets

  •  Koozies

  • ​T-Shirts

  • ​MORE!

Prints for;

  • Business

  • Events

  • Family

  • Personal

  • Fun

***PayPal/Venmo/Square/Zelle/CashApp/FB Pay***

All Happily Accepted :)






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