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     It is our foremost mission to serve the public and our communities best and as much as we can. Through investigations, events, venues, advising, teaching and mentoring we hope to achieve this mission. We provide all the forgoing free to our clients and public. 

     Naturally, accomplishing this mission comes with it a cost. Most of us on our team have every day normal lives including daytime jobs, responsibilities and requirements demanding of everyday life. Like everyone else, we also have the burdens of our current economical restraints. In addition to these burdens, we also support the costs of effectively serving the public and our clients out of our own pockets. Since of course we do offer these services for free.

     Some of these costs include batteries for equipment used, travel and lodging (if necessary), investigative research requiring record retrieval fees such as records obtained by law enforcement, fire services, county records etc. In the case of events (which we now also offer public attendance for free), we usually are required to pay fees in the hundreds of dollars to obtain use of the location for that event. In some cases, over a thousand dollars.

     Although we require no one to pay us a single dime, based on popular demand, we have offered this section as a way to show your support for us servicing you and our community if you so desire. Every dollar counts and will help immensely and is most gratefully appreciated by our members.

Thank you for your support.

~ McInville Paranormal



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