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انضم إلينا


مرحبا بكم في صفحة الانضمام إلينا. تمنحك هذه الصفحة بعض الخيارات حيث أن McInville Paranormal بها أقسام متعددة متاحة. أدناه ستجد قائمة الوظائف المتاحة. أو قم بتنزيل تطبيقنا بصيغة pdf هنا .

ماكنفيل خوارق

  • محقق رئيسي

  • الباحثين

  • محلل رئيسي

  • فني

  • محققون

  • الباحثون

  • محللون

Membership Requirements

  • Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Applicant must be a U.S. citizen.

  • Applicant must be free of prior violent or dangerous criminal histories including child crimes, rape, murder, attempted murder, accessory to murder, conspiracy to commit murder or charges with aggravated circumstances involved, weapons charges or charges of theft including robbery, burglary etc.

  • Applicant must be fluent in reading, writing, speaking and understanding being spoken to in the English Language.

  • Must be physically and mentally able to perform tasks associated with your position.

  • Must be willing to travel or carpool statewide. 

Upon entering our probationary membership, you'll be required to sign an agreement form that subjects you to certain agreements of membership to our team. Additionally, you'll be required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to coming onto our team either as a probationary member or a full member. We work together as a team, we grow as a team, we succeed as a team, and we have challenges as a team. Unless you are a team player and understand team efforts, please do not apply to our team.

The process one should expect to be taken through to become a member of our team are as follows;

  1. Apply to our team.

    1. You may submit a join us form below.

    2. You may download our membership application and electronically submit it via our email address at

  2. Once we receive a request to join our team, we will review the join us form and or application and determine if an interview is needed. You will receive an email message in return with either a rejection letter, or correspondence as to arranging an interview.

  3. The result of your interview will be discussed with the team and decided upon as to whether or not a probationary membership will be granted or not, and you will be notified via email of the resulting decision.

  4. If a probationary membership is granted to you, this probationary period is good for up to 6 (six) full calendar months. Example, If you are granted a probationary membership using January 15th as the effective date, you will have a probationary period through the end of July.

  5. During this time period, you will be required to work alongside each member of the team. The approval of your membership to the team requires a unanimous vote by all members. It only takes one vote to decline your membership to the team.

  6. The team will meet prior to the end of your probationary term to determine if we will offer full membership into our team, or we will expire your probationary period and part ways.

انضم إلينا
أي الأيام أنت متاح؟

شكرا لتقديمك للتطوع معنا! سنعود إليك قريبًا.

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