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Membership Dues

Due by the 1st of every month

     Our team has costs no doubt. Fees to gain access to locations to investigate or hold public events, equipment and batteries, website costs, team insurance, etc. To avoid high costs to one or a couple members, we’ve assessed dues to the members of McInville Paranormal that shall be paid each month.

  1. The membership due amount is $25.00 per month for full members, and $12.50 per month for probationary members.

  2. Payment each month is due on the 1st of every month and has a grace period until the 5th of every month to submit payment.

  3. If a member cannot for some reason submit their dues, they should contact their team manager. Otherwise, if the amount is not paid by the grace period date, the member may be disincluded in attending locations requiring fees to gain access. This will remain in effect until the dues are paid in full.

  4. If a member falls under the conditions outlined in paragraph 3 of this section, they may still attend open investigations that do not charge us to gain access.

     We cannot stress enough, if you cannot submit payment by the 5th of the month, please reach out to your team manager so that arrangements may be made. To share what these funds may go for, It's not limited to, but an idea of what these dues can go for covering. Where possible, the costs have been provided. Items with Variables are those that are yet to be determined by a specific budget.


  • Location Access Fees - Between $200 and $500 per month unless larger locations are gained.

  • New Equipment - Variable

  • Batteries - $35+ per month

  • Website Maintenance Fees - about $40.39 per mth.

  • Team Insurance - $29.16 per month.

  • Members Relief Fund - Variable

  • Team Merchandise material costs - $50+ per month.

  • Prize Merchandise for guests at events - Variable.

  • Team BBQs - Variable

  • Christmas Gifts for the members - Variable

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