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- Robert Humphries:

     Robert started in the Field in 1995 at 15 years old wanting to learn more and more. By experimenting and researching all he could, teaching himself, taking advise from others in the field, and in some cases from the spirits themselves, he obtained enough knowledge to start full time and develop his own team. Among the many talents Robert was able to gain in the field, he became especially skilled in electronics. He has used this knowledge to further research into equipment and tool development. Robert founded a team called Total Paranormal Investigations (TPI). Robert operated that group for many years until teaming up with Brian Horton, Founder of Ghost Commander Paranormal. Soon after, Robert and Brian merged and rebranded under their current team, PEE DEE Region Paranormal (PDRP).

- Brian Horton:

     Brian started to research the paranormal at about 16 years old. Since then, he joined a few teams and helped them build and grow. After gaining the experience in the field and how to operate a team, he decided to start his own team. Brian then founded the team Ghost Commander Paranormal (GCP). After many years, many investigations, trials and tribulations, he ran into Robert Humphries from Total Paranormal Investigations. After careful yet easy deliberations, it only made sense for them both to merge their teams and form the elite group of Pee Dee Region Paranormal.

- PEE DEE Region Paranormal has been going strong since. They've added many investigations of public, historic and private residences to their resume. They currently broadcast their own Podcast show called Paranormal Static. Additionally, PEE DEE Region has built a worldwide network of organizations including multiple organizations sponsoring them such as Iron Bean Coffee Co & Global United Paranormal Foundation. More recently, PDRP has teamed up with Global United Paranormal Foundation and although operated as its own organization, they operate as a division of Global United. The team is also releasing a groundbreaking division in partnership with Global United called Para-Tek Laboratories. This division will offer the field new angle equipment never seen in the field before. For all the up to date current events, click on their links, like and subscribe to them and stay notified of their events.

PEE DEE Region Paranormal


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PEE DEE Region Paranormal &

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2021 Annual Richmond County Ghost Walk


USS North Carolina Investigation 2022

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