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Matt Barron

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     Matt Barron has been in the paranormal field since 2006. He has been involved in investigations of over 400 homes and businesses. Additionally, Matt has investigated over 1000 hours in historical locations, public areas and cemeteries. Matt Barron has had the privilege to have run three different paranormal teams. Two of which was during his time in the San Diego, California area and one in his current home state of Pennsylvania. He and his wife Mackenzie started Paranormal Consultant in 2019 focusing on helping teams and everyone in the paranormal field as their goal.


     Somehow, he started to record videos for investigating which eventually lead to his current podcast show (The Paracrew Podcast). Over the course of the past year, Matt has started to network with several paranormal teams and individuals, and started a program called the Paranormal Partnership Program (P3) which emphasizes on and accepts everyone who believes in Paraunity. This program is geared toward a judgement and drama free environment for its members. Along with the podcast and the program,


     Matt has joined up with 6 other groups to investigate the USS North Carolina and have been planning several other investigations and filming for different shows. Also, Matt has partnered up with Parapost Network and Nationwide Paranormal to assist him and his network promote Paraunity. He is proud to announce his network growth is always continuing. As a small testament to his growth, he is also supported and sponsored by Global United Paranormal Foundation and Para-Tek Laboratories.

     If you are a team, organization, or group and need assistance in the field, or if you are an enthusiast or interested person, or if you are someone troubled by paranormal experiences and need help, Click the Paranormal Consultants links above and reach out. Check out his videos and shows and enjoy the information he shares. 

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