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Forms for Team uses

List of All of our Forms

If you already know what form you are looking for, you can use this button to go straight to all forms we use in one place. If you are not sure which form or forms to use, please scroll down to the appropriate section.

Members Forms

These forms are used for our new members coming on board with the team. They include the Member Application, Agreement and Medical forms. The process is, the Team Lead/Lead Investigator for each region will interview the applicant for their region then submit the completed forms to the Team Manager.

Private Client Forms

These forms are used for ALL non public events. Another words, investigations that are closed to the public and is a team only investigation. This includes private residences, business etc. that reach out for our help. Also includes closed investigations that we reach out to for us to investigate their locations that are NON Public Events

Public Event Forms

These forms are used for ALL public events. Another words, investigations where guests obtain tickets from our website to join in. In these events, the property owner, caretaker or contact person would sign the Client Event Contract form, Not the Client Investigation Agreement and Release Form. Although we hold Investigative Events, Permission to hold an event at a location is completely different from permission to investigate.

Investigation Forms

Like the private client forms, these forms are universally used for ALL non public access investigations. Whether it be clients reaching out to us or us reaching out to them to investigate. Additionally, These forms can and should be used in practice session investigations. This way the team is use to using them and get familiar with their uses.

Analysis Forms

Unique are these forms in that we can and should use them on every investigation and or event where we have collected data i.e., audio, video and photographs. These forms we can place in the file with all other relevent forms for the client and our investigative needs for each case.

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