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Coventry Circle Paranormal


     Coventry Circle Paranormal is a two-man spirit communication research team out of Durham Connecticut USA. It all started when founder/lead investigator AJ Capasso had a near death experience that changed his life completely. After AJs near death experience when the paramedics brought him back to life, he started to be very sensitive to energies/ spirits. Hearing, seeing and feeling presences everywhere he went. It wasn’t until His Uncle Dereck Desorbo who is the Camera man, investigator and other half of Coventry Circle Paranormal and AJ had a profound experience with the entire family, that they decided to set out on this path dedicating their life to the paranormal field forever! They realized time and time again these spirits wanted to be heard. So, they have now focused their research on Giving Spirit A Voice using different techniques and devices! Working along side an incredible medium named Samantha w they also help as many souls as possible cross over.

     Coventry Circle Paranormal is an active contributor to the sciences and methods of the field working along side some of the most genuine teams and organizations the field has. Coventry Circle Paranormal dedicates their studies in helping others resolve their issues, problems and experiences with paranormal activity. They offer up genuine, uncut, and real evidence as well as reasonable theory concerning evidence vs debunked scientific causes. Keep an eye on this team as they continue to grow, build and network across the globe bringing you closure and resolve as well as some of the most profound documented evidence in the field. Click their links below to follow them and share your support. 

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